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Welcome to the Fairy Tail guild website. We are a friendly guild with no spacific purpose as of yet due to restrictions in the Open Beta, but we hope you have fun.

Feel free to post on the forum so we can get some conversation goin.

If you want to apply refer to the Recruit information on this page.


GuildPortal Account setup:
1) I am sure if you are already here, you have created your free account. Great! That is step one but you still need to do a couple more things. Your account allows you access to search and stroll through everything GuildPortal offers BUT that account does not provide you any identification with this site at all.

2) You need to request membership and create your characters for your guild's webpage..........and this is how you do it.

So far all you have is a GuildPortal account.
You still may need to join the guidsite.

“Join xxxGuild” will either be at the very top of the webpage or the left hand side of the page. Click on that that link fill out the application (if the site has one) and wait for an admin of that site to approve you.


Character Registration and info:
1) let's get your character on the roster. We ask that you Roster your MAIN character 1st...we don't mind if you have any alternate super heroes (in fact we encourage it) but when you do register them, if they are in the SG, please mark their BIO as being an alt of whatever main character you play.

2) At the top of the Guild Page Home page you will see the following line.......Welcome XXXXX: Profile settings, logout, control setting, GuildPortal. Click the profile settings.

3)A new window should have opened up....and it will show you any characters you have created (which at this point there are none). Along the top of this new pages window you will see a few black tabs....preferences, memberships and characters. You should be on the characters tab. At this point.....Add new character.!

4) Here you will enter a character name (Your character's ingame name), select the game and the server, click save and you are done with this step.

5) Now if you want your character information to show.....go back to the “character listing“ and click the edit button next to your characters name. On this screen you will see 5 check box options....general character info, game stats, skills, journal and flag/keys.

6) General info is where you manage your guild associations, enter your character bio and create your thumbnail image link to your ftp site (this is the tiny image you would see next to your character name when someone views your roster listing.* it is important to note that you should click the guild associations link and select GUILD NAME that GuildPortal knows to list the character you just created on the fury awakened roster.

7) Game stats includes your current level, origin and archtype

8) Game skills is where you can enter all of your super powers. Now as I learned, for each power you select and save - you will need to enter a rating or else it will not save the power to your listing. I just entered 1 for all of them so they would show up.

9) Journal and flags/keys are self explanatory. Flag/Keys is currently not needed because there aren't any.

10) Now from the profile settings screen that popped up you can also click on the other 2 black tabs: Memberships and preferences. Memberships is where you can remove you character from the guild on this site (this does not remove you from the in-game guild) and preferences manages your GuildPortal account preferences such as email address, time zone, password and your forum posting custom signature...(more about that later if any is interested)Other than those 10 or so steps....which actually go quicker than it did to read these should now be registered to GuildPortal and have characters register to the website. Congrats!Please this point there may be a short waiting period before you will be able to do anything else, The Admins will need to receive the email from GuildPortal that is generated once you go through this process, to approve your membership request
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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

muppy123, Jul 30, 11 10:43 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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